Reed Exhibitions Trademark Use Guidelines for Third Parties

Reed Exhibitions (“RX”) owns valuable trade mark rights in the names and logos for its events, magazines and digital products (collectively, “RX Marks”).  All use of RX Marks must be in compliance with applicable trade mark law.

Unless you have a written licence agreement, you are not authorised to use RX Marks:

  • in logo or stylised forms,
  • as the prominent brand in marketing your or others’ goods and services, or
  • in a manner that may suggest an affiliation between you and RX (or its events) or that makes it appear RX endorses you or your offerings.

If you refer to an RX event in your marketing, it must be in the same size, font, and regular text format as its context, unless specific written permission or a trade mark licence has been granted by RX. 

Additionally, comply with the following specific guidelines regarding RX Marks:

  • If selling your or third party services around an RX event, such as hotel rooms, travel packages, or other offerings, do not use RX logos unless you are authorised by RX.  Instead you may simply name the event in a standard text format and size.
  • Do not use RX Marks to sell purported attendee or exhibitor lists – these actual lists are confidential and proprietary materials and are not publicly available.
  • Do not use RX Marks in your To address or Subject line in marketing emails.
  • Do not include RX Marks as part of your domain name in relation to RX events.
  • Do not combine or connect RX Marks with your trade marks.
  • If you are not an authorised affiliate of an RX event, but refer to an RX event in your marketing or advertising, include this notice in the website or collateral footer:

“[your company] is not affiliated with Reed Exhibitions or [RX event name].”